Dunbar and East Linton ward election: Conservatives, Labour and SNP retain seats

2 weeks ago | 13 Views

Labour’s long-serving councillor Norman Hampshire comfortably held his seat and looks set to be leader of the next administration, after his party finished with the most seats on the council with nine.

Also elected was the Conservatives’ Donna Collins, who replaced the retiring Sue Kempson. The newly-elected SNP councillor said: “It’s slightly overwhelming but it’s absolutely fantastic to be elected, especially on my first time.

“It’s been one hell of a journey and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

“For the SNP, the first thing will be to identify our leadership following Stuart Currie’s resignation.

“I have a broad range of reach and can’t wait to work with the council and get stuck in.”

Closest to breaking through outside the ‘big three’ parties was Mark James, who delivered yet another strong result for the Greens, polling only just short of 1,000 first-preference votes. Jacquie Bell delivered the Liberal Democrats’ best result of the day but it wasn’t enough to win a seat, while both Cris Thacker of the Independence for Scotland Party and Timothy Anderson of the Scottish Family Party lagged far behind.

Source: East Lothian Courier